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I have been writing and co-writing songs for years, and in 2012 I I finally released my debut album, Closure, and to my surprise it got a lot of very lovely reviews.

It will be getting a re-release in 2018 with some bonus material, but in the meantime you can listen to some tracks here...













What some lovely people have been saying about it...


While we're sad about the demise of The Storys we actually can't be too incredibly weepy...because Closure is an absolutely wonderful pop album full of beautiful flowing melodies and vocals that are out-of-this-world...this man and his friends have come up with a collection of modern pop classics that will surely stand the test of time.

baby sue

Joined by his fellow ex-band mates Rob Thompson (vox, guitar) and Alan Thomas (keys, mandolin, banjo), Closure contains ten well-crafted songs ranging from rock-ballad styles ('Believe', 'All The Things You Dream Of') to classic power rock 'Find Your Own Way Back'.

'You Say Nothing' is a beautiful love song full of vocal harmony and stripped of unnecessary instrumental overload, while 'Over Again' is yet another example of how strong a song can be even if the ingredients are kept simple.

The excellent 'Two Horse Race' is Tom Petty influenced (is there any Americana-style music that isn't?). Fantastic arrangements and great lyrics – what more can you want from a track?

...Closing track 'Only One Right' kicks of in a fragile and gentle manner, only to drift into a fantastic guitar and keyboard solo toward the end of the song.

Andy Collins has done more than well with this his first solo album, and I be damned if an equally impressive follow-up shouldn't be in the cards. 4/5 stars.

Music News (March 2012)

...the austere artwork houses a lot of emotions that flow out in a passionate, if reserved, manner from the honeyed hymn of "Believe" where acoustic tide breaks over the four-string cliffs, while "Find Your Own Way Back" rolls this optimism down the electric road, its piano riffs set against the pseudo-Americana haze through which a steel guitar cuts, and there's an elegiac beauty to "All The Things You Dream Of".

These three pieces that open "Closure" serve as a template for the rest of the tracks that never get more impressive but expand the picture to a fully fledged vista full of harmonies and colors. An aural kaleidoscope becomes hauntingly hypnotic on "Over Again" to render a deceptively simple song irresistible, but the harmonica in "Something New" adds an old-timey smell to the folky motif which exchanges mellowness for the bubbly spark and a bright guitar solo in "Story Town" to cast a glance back to where Collins' strong voice comes from. So a page has been turned for the better now. ****

DME Music Site

The vocal interplay between Collins, Thompson, Thomas and guitarist Matt John really is a highlight on this disc, as is the clear, sharp production...An album to sit back and relax to 'Closure' doesn't reinvent the wheel, neither does it grab you by the throat and give you a good shake. However, let its gentle charms and sumptuously crafted hooks take effect and you'll find yourself singing these subtly crafted songs for days on end.

Fireworks magazine

Andy Collins delivers a modern pop masterpiece. The ten track, 43 minute album provides ample proof as to why Collins was such a vital component of the band The Storys...Alan Thomas balances things out quite amazingly with his wide ranging keyboard sounds including mellotron. Interestingly, Closure was mastered by Pete Townshend producer / engineer Jon Astley. Come to think of it, Andy does sound somewhat like Townshend's genius / protégé Billy Nicholls - he's just that cool.

MWE3.COM (April 2012)

With The Storys

My new album was written and recorded over a couple of years, and produced in Wales with the mighty Tim Hamill.

It has a natural flow on from Closure, a similar vibe, but I really feel this collection of songs is my strongest yet!

You can listen to a couple of tracks here...

"So fond of this music. Warm, heartfelt and Beatles inspired, this record is a joy"

Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2
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